episode 026: exit the world

in this week’s episode we have a change of pace with an interview with cartoonist charles forsman (teotfw, celebrated summer) conducted by joey and our resident curmudgeon/columnist shawn starr (you get to finally hear his voice!). topics discussed include the origins of his publishing outfit oily comics, what he learned at ccs, the influence of chester brown, and why this is one of the best movies ever, and much more.

music by speedy ortiz



episode 025: take this bottle

alec and joey discuss zero #6 by ales kot and vanesa del ray, truth is fragmentary by gabrielle bell, it never happened again by sam alden, satellite sam #1-6 by matt fraction and howard chaykin, secret avengers #1 by ales kot and michael walsh, and alec gives his way late review of harmony korine’s film spring breakers.

music by faith no more


episode 024: controlled substance

in this episode alec and joey take a look back at heavy liquid by paul pope, discuss moon knight #1 by warren ellis and declan shalvey, jupiter’s legacy #4 by mark millar and frank quitely, starlight #1 by mark millar and goran parlov, wicked chicken queen by sam alden, real rap by benjamin urkowitz, and talk about what’s going on with the website.

music by crystal castles


episode 023: best of 2013

alec and joey return again to reflect on what comics they enjoyed in the year 2013. hear them sound like a couple of stoned teenagers as they discuss batman incorporated by grant morrison and chris burnham, pompeii by frank santoro, battling boy by paul pope, life zone by simon hanselmann, the end of the fucking world by charles forsman, backyard by sam alden, household by sam alden, training by josh simmons, fatale by ed brubaker and sean phillips, sex by joe casey and piotr kowalski, satellite sam by matt fraction and howard chaykin, the manhattan projects by jonathan hickman and nick pitarra, sky in stereo #2 by mardou, fury max by garth ennis and goran parlov, change by ales kot and morgan jeske, jupiter’s legacy by mark millar and frank quitely, copra by michel fiffe, 3 new stories by dash shaw, new school by dash shaw, lose #5 by michael deforge, optic nerve #13 by adrian tomine, internet comics by mare odomo, young avengers by kieron gillen and jamie mckelvie, so long silver screen by blutch, and more.

music by a$ap ferg

episode 021: collapse

alec and joey return from the brink of disaster to chat about change #1 by ales kot and morgan jeske, marvel now!, avengers #1 by jonathan hickman and jerome opena, captain america #1 by rick remender and john romita jr., cable and x-force #1 by dennis hopeless and salvador larrocca, amazing spider-man #698 by dan slott and richard elson, everything together: collected stories by sammy harkham, box brown and retrofit comics, copra #1 by michel fiffe, the ‘man of steel’ trailer, and much more.

music by failure


episode 020: disconsolate

in this extra long episode, tim callahan (tor, cbr) returns to the show to discuss such topics as the state of mainstream comics (dc new 52, marvel now!, etc.), alan moore and neil gaiman’s seminal work in mainstream comics, further thoughts on rob liefeld’s exit from dc comics, hawkeye #1-2 by matt fraction and david aja, the world of rpg gaming, marvel’s avengers vs. x-men event, casanova: avaritia #1-4 by matt fraction and gabriel ba, dark avengers by jeff parker with declan shalvey and kev walker, fashion beast #1 by alan moore with antony johnston and facundo percio, the film work of nicolas roeg and it’s influence on alan moore (particularly ‘insignifigance’), streak of chalk by miguelanxo prado, art vs. story, joe casey, the comics journal and the state of comics criticism, and much more.

music by la roux